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Agent Moose For Your Spies Only by Mo O’hara. 3 Books In 1!

Agent Moose For Your Spies Only by Mo O’hara. 3 Books In 1!

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Three amazing full-colour Agent Moose adventures in one bumper book!

Previously published as individual books: Agent Moose, Moose on a Mission and Operation Owl

Meet Agent Moose: the best (worst) secret agent in the Big Forest.

BOOK 1: Agent Moose -Agent Moose and his sidekick Owlfred are on the case in this full colour graphic novel series. Something fishy is going on at the South Shore. Folks just disappear and are never seen again. But when Agent Moose learns that a key witness has gone missing, he and Owlfred ride to the rescue.

Will they find the missing turtle before time runs out?

BOOK 2: Moose on a Mission - There's big news in the Big Forest! The circus is in town, Granny Moose is coming to visit, and someone is stealing from innocent animals. Agent Moose and Owlfred rush to investigate, with Granny along for the ride!

Can they solve this mystery and catch the crook?

BOOK 3: Operation Owl - Strange flash floods are making waves all over the Big Forest! When Madame HQ is nabbed right out of a very wet Woodland HQ, Agent Moose and Owlfred must wade through clues to get her back and stop the mystery criminal making a big splash in Big Forest!

Can they find this fiendish villain before Big Forest floats away?

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