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Curious Questions And Answers: Space (HB)

Curious Questions And Answers: Space (HB)

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šŸš€ Dive into an exciting journey through the cosmos with "Space - Curious Questions and Answers," a captivating 144-page hardback book tailored for kids aged 5 and up. This book is designed to ignite their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning in a fun and engaging way!

šŸŒŸ Packed with modern, humorous illustrations and brimming with intriguing facts, "Space - Curious Questions and Answers" is the perfect companion for inquisitive young minds. It's not just another space book; it's a delightful exploration of the universe, making learning an adventure.

šŸŖ Whether your child is a budding astronaut or simply fascinated by the stars, this book has something for everyone. It covers key topics like the solar system and astronauts, answering curious questions such as, "What do astronauts wear?", "Why is the Moon sometimes red?", and "Can rovers look for life on Mars?".

šŸŒ  But that's not all! "Space - Curious Questions and Answers" is brimming with fun extras like Incredible Numbers, quirky Would You Rather scenarios, and quickfire Did You Know facts that will keep your child entertained and engaged for hours.

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