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Fox's Favourite Autumn by Fiona Barker

Fox's Favourite Autumn by Fiona Barker

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Tuck into this wonderful picture book introduction to the changing of seasons. There's nothing Fox loves more in the world than autumn. And he's going to make it last as long as he can!

As soon as Fox opened his door, he could tell.
"Autumn at last! There's so much to do!"

Autumn is Fox's favourite time of the year. He loves tasting blackberries, scrunching and collecting leaves!

But as the days pass, Autumn starts to reach its end. Winter is coming ... and Fox DEFINITELY cannot let that happen!

Join Fox as he tries to do everything to stop Autumn from slipping by and eventually learns that each season has its magic.

  • A funny and quirky story about the changing seasons
  • Fabulous text by Fiona Barker, full of humour and heart
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