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Maths Activity Book- STEM Series

Maths Activity Book- STEM Series

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This is one of a series of books in, “Stem Starters for Kids,” with titles in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. This particular book is for Maths and I would think it is perfect for children of approximately 7+.

This is a paperback book, with 32 pages and is full colour and packed with illustrations. Activities include Measuring and Guessing, Shopping and using money, Weighing at the Post Office, Subtraction, Volume (cooking cupcakes), Multiples, Racing Maths, Sharing cakes, Codes, Tables and recording information, Bar Charts, Right Angles and Rounding Up,

All of the activities teach maths in a fun way, which are based in real life activities that children can relate to – whether it is cutting up cakes, looking at angles in a playground or explaining mathematical terms in easy to understand language. A fun activity book which will entertain and educate.
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