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Search and Find Dinosaurs by Alexei Martins

Search and Find Dinosaurs by Alexei Martins

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The "Search and Find" book series is a fun and engaging experience that will encourage you to sharpen your eyesight and scan the seven different environments illustrated beautifully throughout the book.

Look for items that blend into the crowd and are hidden in the landscapes.

Contents include:

  • Lots of friendly dinosaurs and cuddly children crowd the pages of this book, ensuring moments of pure fun
  • Seven different locations where dinosaurs can move freely: school, sports, shopping centre, museum, beach, camping, restaurant
  • Fifteen items to find and one recurring friendly face that will become a firm favourite with every child

Dinosaurs at the cinema? Playing sports? Yes, in this Search and Find, it is all possible! Alexei Martins has drawn lots of little dinosaurs busy with various activities in the company of happy children.

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