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Sleepy Snorey Dino story by Lou Treleaven

Sleepy Snorey Dino story by Lou Treleaven

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A Sleepy Snorey Dino Story

Little Dinosaur, it's time for bed, you'll soon be sleeping tight. But there's a few more things to do, before you roar 'Goodnight!'

How does a very sleepy, snorey dinosaur get ready for bed? Find out in this ready-for-bed story book as you follow Little Dinosaur as he gets ready for bed in his own roar-some way. From putting away his dino toys and having a bath to brushing his teeth and reading a story, there's a few more hilariously dinosaur ready-for-bed activities to discover, too!

This is a delightful rhyming ready-for-bed picture story book full of charming illustrations that's a perfect 5-minute story to help get little ones in the mood for sleep.

Part of a new 'Ready-for-Bed' series, the story and illustrations have been designed to inspire parents and little ones. This book supports good parenting with a gentle story that includes a real bedtime routine to develop a calming and relaxing bedtime routine that works for each child's own unique needs.

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