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The Fun-Packed Activity Book: Human Body

The Fun-Packed Activity Book: Human Body

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This fun-filled activity book will teach you all about the human body complete with activities, puzzles and more!

Have you ever been dying to know exactly how your body works, but somehow nobody's ever had the answers to your fascinating questions? Well, this might be the book for you!

Learn the answers to a handful of human body related questions, such as: "How many bones are inside my body? Why do we need blood vessels? Or even why do I like the taste of broccoli but my friend doesn't? Plus so many more intriguing questions that you hadn't even thought of are revealed in this fascinating book!

Jam-packed with fascinating facts, fun challenges, quizzes and puzzles,
The Fact Packed Activity Book: Human Body is sure to keep kids entertained time and time again.

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